Torque specs for cv axle bolts

6.0. * Tighten to 22.0mkg/216.9Nm/160ft.lb, loosen, and tighten finally to 22.0mkg/216.9Nm/160ft.lb. Front Axle. Torque Wrench settings. Front Axle to frame bolt. Shock absorber to side plate nut. Shock absorber to Lower torsion arm nut. Steering Ball joints nut (M12) Steering Ball joints nut (M10).

Web. Then, keep a CLOSE EYE on it for a bit. The instructions that are on the websight that you posted are pretty good. Rear Axle Pinion Shaft Lock Bolt. 08 10 bolt rear end differential i want to know which are the torque specs for the pinion shaft pin lock bolt Thanks!!!! Oct 19, 2006 #2 big gear head Veteran Member Jul 30, 2001 6,443 Ky.





Web. § All specifications are given in ft. lbs of torque unless otherwise specified. §§ C10, G10-20 Rubber Bushings; C20 -30, P10-30 Steel Bushings. For Axle U-Bolt tightening sequence, see below. _____ 4wd Chevy / GMC Front End Lubrication Points. Note: Red Dots Are Zerk (Grease) Fitting Locations. Factory installed U-Joints and Ball Joints have.

The first table contains the most-used torque settings. The tables after it contain all torque spec values I could find. Most-used torque settings for Chevy Silverado 1. ... CV joint bolts: 79: 58: CVs: CV axle nut: 210: 155: Wheel hub assembly: Front wheel hub to Knuckle ... Drive/Axle shaft: Rear axle U-bolts: 100: 74: Model 1500; 4.3L Engine.

1,555 Posts. Discussion Starter · #12 · May 28, 2011 (Edited) :/ Just an FYI - 27mm is definitely NOT the correct size. Way too big, spins freely around the bolt. CORRECT SIZE is 24mm, not 27mm for the 12pt axle bolts on a 2008 Rabbit S Manual trans. Lowes had a bunch of 12pt sockets on clearance and it was only $1.62.